Benevolentia Foundation, The Most Impactful NGO of the Year


In the brim of rising disharmony where humanity is slowly fading away, one Non-profitable, as well as Non-Governmental organization based in Kolkata, is working tirelessly for the welfare of humankind. The Benevolentia Foundation is the brainchild of Dr Sinchan Das who himself is one of the most resonating icons in India. Dr Das’s sensitive love for his homeland made him reject a lucrative offer to settle in London and rather choose to settle down in his birthplace while servicing selflessly to society through his NGO. The sprouting effort was let by his father in 1996 with Gaur Chandra Das as Charukeshi. However, in 2016 after its official registration under  Company Act Section 8 (Niti Ayog), it was changed to Benevolentia Foundation (BFK). 

Currently, BFK holds two major wings, which include Humanity Institute for Advanced Medical & Cultural Research (HIAMCR) and Charukeshi. Here, HIAMCR, for instance, is oriented to conducting Research Projects under varying scientific fields of healthcare and offers certificate courses such as CBMS (Certificate in Biochemic Medical Sciences), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Family Therapy, Color Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Anger Management, Geriatrics Therapy and many more. Apart from this, it has also undertaken varying social service campaigns such as medical camps, psychological counselling, and some basic pathological tests across Chowberia Gram, Hasnabad, Gurap, Kaijuri, Darjeeling, Bihar, Sikkim, Delhi, Mumbai and many more. In this mission and vision, BFK has been able to conduct more than 90 peripheral medical camps as well as awareness campaigns in both online and offline modes across India.

Apart from this, during the major crisis of Covid-19, BFK ensure to offer the best care and treatment to victims of Covid-19 across both national and international border through telemedicine. In this process, the foundation has been able to offer its free service to more than 3000 Covid-19 victims. Similar act has been reflected by the BFK in 2019 during the massive Flood across Bihar. Here, a team of BFK was able to provide medical aide to more than 1000 flood victims at Purnea district of Bihar.     

Benevolentia Foundation is also the receiver of Bharat Chiktisha Puraskar under the Indian Book of Records and has been recognised as the one for conducting most voluntary camps. Along with this, BFK has also been titled as the Emerging NGO of the Year in 2022. Similarly, in 2023 the foundation has also received Netaji Seva Ratna Award for its outstanding and significant contribution to health services, research, education and gender activism. Consecutively, BFk also receives National Achievers Award, City Excellence Award/23, and Pride of India Award. 

Under the major guidance and support of Dr Sinchan Das, BKF consecutively ensures to conduct of conferences and seminars on some of the most burning issues such as mental health, suicide, depression, infertility, animal cruelty, PRIDE awareness, gender, personality, sexuality and many more. Each year on the 1st of July, BFK observes National Doctors Day on the birthday of Bidhan Chandra Roy as well as its annual meet. BFK operates through the core principle of Dr Sinchan Das and is the only one to give an opportunity to undergraduate students in publishing Research Work.

In order to keep them motivated and boosted for the future, they are often titled Junior Research Scholars, Student Research Scholars and Research Scholars. This year’s Junior Student Scholar identified by the foundation is Mr. Rohan Das followed by Mr. Ankur Das, Mr. Debadutta Das, Mr. Sandipta Debnath, and Mr. Ayan Ghosh as Student Research Scholars. Lastly, Mr Priyankesh Mishra and Miss Swastika Subba as the Research Scholars. The Foundation takes great pride in this dedication and determination to excel beyond the limit. 


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