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‘Girls Trip’ already surpasses ‘Rough Night’ in opening weekend

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The lord of Strings Yuvraj S Singh strikes with a Studio launch!



Qismat Qonnector Yuvraj S Singh does it again!

Punjab industry Prince Yuvraj S Singh launches his own studio Label!

It’s hard to survive in such a volatile industry for many people, but if you are a creative genius like Yuvraj S Singh, you make your own way. The hit machine has launched his own label Rage Studio after his production ventures and set to launch as many as 10 tracks in the coming 12/15 months along with web series, short films, mini series and creative endeavours that make him truly unique individual in an industry of rural semiotics who pretend to rule the roost. When we video called the maestro, he smiled,his track “Naam Tera” is a beautiful Hindi track which has been liked by all individuals within the industry.

Q)Yuvraj you keep surprising industry insiders with your own talent…

A) “hehe nothing like that,Hindi and Punjab industries are well connected and frankly everyone in Punjab industry has been supportive, I have also supported many careers and stars and one tries his best”

Q)Your songs are hidden gems which everyone is eagerly waiting for how do you create this edge?

A)Well frankly one has to work hard,also having knowledge and craftsmanship is more important than just being a show piece, if you work on your craft even the best respect you.”

Q)But you are the best !Aren’t you??

A)Hehe no nothing like that I just deliver stuff people don’t, and some ideas are unique…

Q)What’s in mind with Rage Studio? A)”Frankly music and films ..we will experiment with genres and try to cater to audiences globally with wishful content and yet keeping all commercial asthetics in place.

Wow! looking for Naam Tera to release and many more tracks!!

Yuvraj has made many hits and super hits in Punjab and Hindi like Qismat,Surkhi Bindi,Bajre da sitta, Qismat 2 and launched many interesting careers like Tania,Ammy Wirk, B praank In Hindi film industry,also Asees Kaur, Raftaar and many other stars who have now made a big name, also His latest track “Fakir” is trending in Punjabi homes globally…

Truly this handsome star is a force to reckon with, probably best left alone!! may the force be with you!

Smiles Yuvraj.. sips his coffee ☕ He will also be seen in his maiden Telugu movie as a lead hero! Wow waiting for that!! Too 🤪

Afreen khan _ journalist

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NAI Productions’ “Ibadatein” Music Video Stuns Audiences, Tops YouTube Views                                           



NAI Productions has once again proven its prowess in the music video realm with “Ibadatein,” featuring the sensational vocals of Rito Ribba. Directed by Sanjay Chetry and with cinematography by Ikramul Haque, the video has swiftly become a viral sensation, captivating viewers with its romantic themes and emotive storytelling.                                

“Ibadatein” explores the nuances of love and togetherness, offering a visual feast that resonates deeply with fans of both Rito Ribba and NAI Productions. Sanjay Chetry’s direction shines through, creating a cinematic experience that tugs at heartstrings and leaves a lasting impression.                                

“We aimed to create something intimate yet universal with ‘Ibadatein’,” shared Sanjay Chetry, reflecting on the video’s success. “It’s about celebrating connections and the beauty found in everyday moments.”                                  

The collaborative effort behind the scenes has been crucial to the video’s success, with Anshul Garg of Play DMF providing invaluable support as Founder & CEO. Executive Producer Raghav Sharma, along with Label Manager Sankalp Garg and Project Head & Artist Manager Gaurav Arora, have all contributed significantly to bringing this project to fruition.                             

Since its release, “Ibadatein” has surged past 1.7 million views on YouTube and continues to trend across social media platforms, solidifying its status as a cultural phenomenon.

As “Ibadatein” continues to sweep audiences off their feet, NAI Productions remains dedicated to pushing creative boundaries and setting new standards in music video production.                              

For fans eager to immerse themselves in “Ibadatein,” the video is available for viewing on NAI Productions’ official website: and on YouTube also.

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LiL V Music’s Revolutionary Approach to Artist Development and Talent Showcase



LiL V Music is leading the charge in artist and talent development with its innovative approach to nurturing aspiring musicians through platforms like Open mic events. Under the leadership of the multi-talented Varun Aich, also known as LiL V, this creative powerhouse has hosted several successful shows, providing a stage for emerging artists to showcase their skills and gain exposure in the music industry.

LiL V, who is not only an artist but also an author and entrepreneur, founded LiL V Music out of his passion for music and his desire to support emerging talent. His vision has come to life through events like the recent “SUPER SINGER CHALLENGE,” which took place in Pune on June 30th, 2024, and garnered over 2 million engagements on social media.

The SUPER SINGER Challenge was a resounding success, offering a diverse range of artists the opportunity to perform live for the first time. The atmosphere was charged with excitement and creativity as musicians from different backgrounds and genres came together to showcase their talents. The event also featured a performance by the acclaimed band “The Woodpeckers,” adding to the already electric energy of the evening.

“The audience was fabulous, and we really enjoyed every bit of the event,” shared percussionist Dushyant, highlighting the positive impact LiL V Music is having on the music community by providing a platform for artists to connect and grow.

The evening culminated in an award ceremony recognizing the outstanding performances of the participants, followed by a high-voltage performance by LiL V himself. The artist treated the audience to an electrifying show, further solidifying his reputation as a dynamic performer and supporter of emerging talent. “It’s really the dearth of live gigs for Indie artists that inspired me to start a professionally organised Open Mic series. I appreciate the good vibes and will strive to take this initiative to an international level”, said LiL V in a candid conversation.

Through such initiatives, LiL V Music is not only promoting artist development but also fostering a sense of community and collaboration within the music industry. By creating opportunities for artists to showcase their talents and connect with audiences, LiL V Music is playing a vital role in shaping the future of music and empowering the next generation of musicians.

As LiL V continues to push boundaries and redefine what it means to support and nurture talent in the music industry, it is clear that his passion for music and commitment to fostering creativity will continue to inspire and empower artists for years to come. With a dedicated focus on providing platforms for artists to shine, LiL V Music is truly making a mark in the music world, ensuring that the voices of upcoming artists are heard and celebrated.

Getting Involved with LiL V Music as an Aspiring Musician

Aspiring musicians can find fantastic opportunities to showcase their talent and connect with others in the music industry through LiL V Music. Here are a few ways to get involved:

  1. Attend LiL V Music Events: Keep an eye out for upcoming open mic events, talent hunts, and music showcases organized by LiL V Music. Attending these events can give you the chance to network with other artists, perform live, and possibly get noticed by industry professionals.
  • Participate in Talent Hunts: Consider participating in talent hunts or competitions organized by LiL V Music to demonstrate your musical abilities and potentially win recognition and exposure.
  • Engage on Social Media: Follow LiL V Music on social media platforms to stay updated on their latest activities, events, and opportunities for aspiring musicians. Engaging with their content and interacting with their community can help you stay connected and informed.
  • Reach Out to LiL V Music: If you have specific questions or inquiries about getting involved with LiL V Music, consider reaching out to them directly through their official channels. They may provide information on how you can participate in their programs or events.
  • Showcase Your Talent: Consider sending samples of your music or performances to LiL V Music for consideration. They may offer opportunities for talented individuals to be featured or perform at their events.

Remember, every artist’s journey is unique, and persistence and dedication are key in pursuing your musical aspirations. Don’t hesitate to take the initiative and explore potential ways to collaborate with LiL V Music to further your music career.

For more information on upcoming events and artist registration, contact LiL V Music at

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