Meet Mohd Faiz, also known as “Salman Lion Quraishi”, is an Indian music composer, YouTuber, and video editor


Mohd Faiz, also known as “Salman Lion Quraishi”, is an Indian music composer, YouTuber, and video editor. Apart from this, Salman is also an actor who is also known for his acting in many videos.

Mohd Faiz (Salman Lion Quraishi) was born on 1st January 2001 in Jaipur Sehar, Rajasthan. However, later Mohd Faiz’s family moved to Bareilly city of Uttar Pradesh.

Mohd Faiz (Salman Lion Quraishi) is also a YouTuber who also makes videos related to many facts on YouTube. As we said, he is also a musician who is making a place in the hearts of many people because of his interest in music.

Mohd Faiz’s father’s name is “Chhota Kuraisi” and mother’s name is “Nasreen Jahan”. Mohd Faiz lives in “Bareilly” with his parents.

Mohd Faiz (Salman Lion Quraishi) has done his 12th education from “Era public school” Bareilly.

He has experienced many battles throughout everyday life, experiencing Typhoid and Jaundice together when he was 16yrs old which made him disabled for very nearly long term and specialists denied for such a long treatment. He made due and worked on his wellbeing. This ended up being a defining moment in his life after which he never turned around and is rising enormously step by step.

He is presently chipping away at different music undertakings to which he adding his own flavor, for that being his claim to fame.


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