The event, titled “An appeal to unite Mother Dhara with her daughter Ariha: Inspiring Indian Women United Kingdom


An event was organised by Inspiring Indian Women UK together Standing up against Injustice,” shed light on the harrowing experience of Dhara Shah and her fight to be reunited with her daughter. The panelists delved into various aspects of the case, including the legal and social implications, as well as the impact on the lives of the individuals involved.

Rashmi Mishra, the CEO of Inspiring Indian Women UK, emphasized the importance of creating a platform for women to voice their struggles and seek support in times of adversity. She emphasized the need for collective action and solidarity in advocating for the rights of women and children, particularly in cases of injustice.

Deputy Director Rajni Shah shared her insights on the global implications of Dhara Shah’s case, highlighting the need for international collaboration and advocacy to address issues of human rights violations and child welfare.

Dr. Ajay Kumar Pandey, an esteemed advocate at the Supreme Court of India, provided legal expertise on the case, offering valuable insights into the legal channels available for seeking justice in such matters. His presence added a crucial layer of understanding regarding the complexities of cross-border legal disputes.

PRAYATHNA Kowitz, a disability and child rights activist, shed light on the vulnerability of children in situations of injustice, emphasizing the need for a child-centric approach in addressing such cases. Her perspective brought attention to the rights and protection of children, especially those with special needs.

Swati Jain, a self-made social entrepreneur and Facebook influencer, shared her personal journey of resilience and empowerment, inspiring the audience with her story of overcoming adversity and using her platform for positive social change.

Vandana Khurana, a dedicated member of Inspiring Indian Women UK, contributed to the discussion by highlighting the role of community support and activism in amplifying the voices of women and families facing challenges.

The event culminated in a call to action, urging attendees to stand in solidarity with Dhara Shah and support her in her quest for justice. It also served as a platform for raising awareness about the broader issues of women’s rights and child welfare, sparking important conversations and inspiring individuals to take action in their own communities.

Inspiring Indian Women UK, under the leadership of Rashmi Mishra and Rajni Shah, continues to be a driving force in empowering and advocating for the rights of women, both locally and globally. The organization’s commitment to addressing pressing issues and amplifying the voices of those in need stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of Indian women in the UK and beyond.


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