Why spodenet is Right way of Earn money


Everyone’s life ruined during COVID, and for the first time it was a longest time period in which everyone was jobless and having no money.
During the lockdown we understood the power of digital World and the technology.

After this period of time everyone was looking for jobs and want money to run their livelihood. Then, SPODENET look up an opportunity here to provide digital skills to the people who need it and want to grow digitally. SPODENET hired the top online creators of their field and started it’s journey on 1JAN. 2022 and took a vision to empower the youths of India.

Mostly population of India (specially youths) are still struggling financially because of their old mindset of getting govt./private jobs but to getting a secure job in today’s time is not possible so, in this growing phase of digital world everyone can learn and specialise a perticular skill and can monetise it and can create a secure career.

SPODENET is specially focussing on the people who want to learn digital skills and have a vision to create something extra ordinary on social media.
In this time Social media is the biggest platform for everyone to earn a lots of money but the terms are you have a skill to earn through social media and that is exactly the vision of SPODENET.


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