Unaffected by Previous Setbacks, Author Pinaki Mandal (PhD) Releases His Second Book


“New Book ‘Unveiling the Global Wisdom’ Aims to Inspire Young Entrepreneurs”

Bangalore, 27/07/2023 – Dr. Pinaki Mandal (PhD) has published his second book, titled “Unveiling the Global Wisdom,” despite previous obstacles. The author, whose first book ‘Small Book of B2B Business Plans’ may not have obtained the desired market impact, remains committed to sharing his insights and experiences from over five years in the Business-to-Business (B2B) landscape.

In a forthright contemplation on his journey, Dr. Pinaki expressed his unwavering confidence in the capacity of his new book to guide and inspire the next generation of business leaders. He emphasized that his most recent offering is geared toward young people about to embark on an entrepreneurial voyage, urging them to achieve remarkable growth while retaining their traditional values.

Dr. Pinaki Mandal explained, “This book is for young people who are about to embark on a journey to grow and touch the heavens while maintaining their roots in our culture.” It is a compilation of well-known mantras and secrets that we may be familiar with, but frequently fail to apply. By adhering to these principles, readers will observe a radical change in their surroundings.”

“Unveiling the Global Wisdom” is published by ‘Writers Row Publications,’ a name synonymous with high-quality literature. The book explores Dr. Pinaki’s accumulated insights, emphasizing the nuances of the ever-changing global business environment. It promises readers a new perspective on entrepreneurship and the ability to make a significant impact in the B2B space.

In an era characterized by constant innovation and disruption, Dr. Pinaki’s unwavering dedication to imparting his knowledge demonstrates his commitment to equipping young minds with the tools they need to succeed. “Unveiling the Global Wisdom” could very well serve as a guiding beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs as the business world continues to evolve.

“Unveiling the Global Wisdom” is now available for purchase on a variety of online platforms for those anxious to delve into the pages of Dr. Pinaki Mandal’s latest creation. You can get a copy of the book on Amazon https://amzn.eu/d/ihJNyur and on Flipkart on https://dl.flipkart.com/s/nJbUV3NNNN.

Concerning Dr. Pinaki Mandal (PhD):

Dr. Pinaki Mandal is a seasoned expert with vast experience in the Business-to-Business industry. He endeavors to bridge the divide between traditional values and contemporary business strategies through his passion for mentoring and knowledge sharing.

Concerning Writers Row Publications:

Writers Row Publications is a reputable publishing organization renowned for producing literature that resonates with readers across disciplines. The publisher seeks to bring diverse voices and perspectives to the forefront of the literary world as part of its commitment to nurturing literary talent.


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